New documentary puts spirits in the spotlight at 100-year-old Palace Theater in Lorain

LORAIN, Ohio -- A new documentary named the "Ghosts of the Palace," highlights the evidence found inside the Palace Theater in Lorain, of spirits caught between life and death.

EVP Mediums, a local paranormal investigation group, used electronic equipment to reveal and record spirits that were telling the team stories of their deaths and asking them for help to get to the light.

In one scene, EVP Medium investigators are in the basement of the nearly 100-year-old theater and a spirit comes through telling the crew his name.

"My name is Aaron," the voice says in the recording.

One of the voices mentions Typhus and about someone being an entertainer.

"They were entertainers," are the words you see at the bottom of the screen when one of the investigators asks who is coming through to them.

When we interviewed Randy Kessler, co-founder of EVP Mediums, about the documentary, he was still feeling energy under the stage where a rare Wurlitzer pipe organ is located.

"Back in the corner over here is where the organ sits, and it raises up out of the floor. This area, and it is still very tense to us in here. There is definitely a spirit that protects this organ. You can feel it. It doesn't want you in here. It is protecting. It would be very annoying if we went in there," Kessler described as he showed our crew the area under the stage.

Kessler said he encountered a spirit in the dressing room that came through particularly strong.

"When I walked in, it was actually like I had barged into a dressing room that had a middle aged or possibly older woman who had a real attitude. Immediately it was - what are you doing in here?" asked Kessler.

The spirits in EVP Medium documentary are repeatedly asking for help.

"Help! What do you need help with? My death," is how one of the exchanges between the alleged spirit and investigator went.

The spirits in the documentary repeatedly want to talk about what happened to them at the end.

Inside the theater's men's bathroom, a story connected to the shipyard that used to be located behind the theater, according to the investigators, came through.

"We hear distinct step sounds which was really freaky to hear that, and he said, he was pushed coming down the steps. So was that on a freighter? I don't know," said David Hensley, founder of EVP Mediums.

So many questions about mysterious sightings and people who may have visited and never left.

To EVP Medium investigators it's proof that this is not the end.

"I absolutely know it. I absolutely know it," said Hensley.

"The Ghosts of the Palace," is playing Friday "Oct. 27 at the Palace Theater in Lorain at 8 p.m. Tickets are $7.

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