Opera singer performs alongside donor's daughter after double lung transplant in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A world-renowned soprano sings again.

Charity Tillemann-Dick is now specializing in miracles, thanks to doctors at the Cleveland Clinic and Esperanza Tufani's mother.

At age 20, Charity was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a rare condition that required a double lung transplant.

"I had my 1st double lung transplant in 2009 and I was in a coma for 34 days, I was in the hospital for over 100 days, I didn't learn how to breathe again for over 2 months, it was quite an ordeal and then they rejected my lungs and I needed another double lung transplant and I received one in January of 2012," she said.

After Charity received Esperanza's mother's lungs, she reached out to the family and connected with Esperanza via social media.

"Anybody that has to go through organ donation realizing that you're impacting one person's life yes but you're also impacting a whole entire family," said Esperanza.

Tuesday at the Medical Innovations Summit in Cleveland, the two women took the stage and sang a song that Charity had written for Esperanza.

Both women say they're grateful for this gift. and for the blending of their families

"I'm just thankful to have them in my life and they've given me the opportunity to see that," said Esperanza.

There are 1,900 people waiting for transplants in Ohio, and 120,000 are on the list nationwide.

More than 20 people die daily because organs are not available.

Charity has written a book called The Encore and started a social media campaign about organ donation. She's challenging people to donate their organs and share their stories.

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