Family still looking for answers after pit bull kills neighborhood Yorkie

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It has been a tough week for Dawn Hirakis and her eight-year-old daughter, Katelyn Robertson.

Last Monday, Hirakis said the family's three-year-old Yorkie mix, Rolo, was killed by a larger dog in the neighborhood. She says that dog is still living a few streets away, and she's frightened for her own family.

Her young daughter saw it all.

"This big dog just came out of nowhere, snatched him out of my hand and just, he was wagging him around like a little play toy, like my dog used to play with his toys," said Robertson.

Hirakis said members of her family and other neighbors tried to help Rolo, but said the other dog would not release him until it was too late.

"I thought he was going to be okay, but I had to have him euthanized, because he had a hole, a puncture, in his lung, and I think they said a crushed tibia," said Hirakis.

The dog's death was a devastating blow for Hirakis and her daughter, who said they treated Rolo like one of the family. He's been in their house since he was eight weeks old. They said he slept, ate ice cream and visited Santa right along with them.

"He meant a lot," said Hirakis. "He did everything. Anything we could do with him, he did with us."

Hirakis said the contacted Cleveland Animal Control, who told her there was nothing they could do to remove or contain the other animal. She also said it was back in its yard by the time an officer came.

Cleveland 19 contacted animal control as well, and we were told supervisors were not in the office today, so no information could be released about the attack or the future of the other dog.

Dawn Hirakis calls herself an animal lover, but says she wants an investigation into the other dog's behavior, to make sure he is not a threat to the rest of the neighborhood.

She says she's afraid to get another dog, worried that what happened to Rolo might happen again.

"I would have at least liked to see the dog taken and put in quarantine and this investigated thoroughly," she said.

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