Ohio company creates 'fentanyl proof' gloves

MINERVA, OH (WOIO) - Police officers put their lives at risk during drug arrests, getting exposed to dangerous chemicals.

A local company is helping them stay safe.

Summit Glove has designed and created ResQ-Grip.

The nitrile glove is designed to protect against harsh chemicals. Most gloves are made from other materials, like latex.

Account manager Matt Fox said the gloves could be a game changer for first responders:

"We're the first glove company that can go up to a police officer or sheriff and say this glove will hold up against fentanyl and we're pretty proud of that," he said.

As opioid overdoes continue to rise all over the nation, Fox said these gloves could be used as the first line of protection for first responders.

In Ohio, more than 4,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2016, a record 36 percent increase from the previous year.

"If you have an officer that's going out and they have to search through somebody's pocket and they're exposed to these dangerous drugs, they want to make sure that only that their officers are safe but that they're gonna come home," Fox said.

The gloves range in price but are about $8-$10 for 100 gloves. And although first responders come to mind, the gloves are made for everyone.

"They can actually wear this for changing out oil, if you clean a house, anything that you want to wear a glove for, this is the glove you can wear," he said.

Summit Glove is the first company in the country to do third party testing on the gloves.

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