Despite the skeptics, local psychic medium connects with spirits

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19's very own Jamie Sullivan sat down with Debora, a local medium from the far west side.

She has a very special gift. A lot of people do and we don't even know it. Her gift is to connect with people who have passed.

When she does a reading, she never knows who will come through. The people appear at her side and behind her, males on one side and females on the other. Everyone has a category ranging from family to friends.

Debora has a notebook because sometimes she will write things down. In Jamie Sullivan's case, no writing was needed because in Debora's words, "You have a very chatty family!"

Debora started out by letting Jamie know of a man who made himself known immediately. It was her paternal grandfather. She described many things about him, his appearance, and let Jamie know what he wanted to tell her.

Additionally, Jamie's maternal grandfather came through. He had a hip replacement years ago and it was noticeable when he'd walk. Debora noticed this right away.

The session lasted about 45 minutes and there are some things that Debora said that no one would know. She described funerals, little quirks about each of them, their homes. How would she have ever known there was an apple tree in the grandpa's backyard? She wouldn't. Jamie knows that her grandfathers were there during the reading.

If you're interested in a reading from Debora, you can email her at, call 216-635-9665, or visit her website.

Feel free to reach out to Jamie directly on Facebook or email with any questions you may have about her reading.

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