Brook Park 4th graders protest to get 30 more minutes of trick-or-treating

BROOK PARK, OH (WOIO) - Who doesn't want more candy?

Brook Park 4th graders learned how to petition their government to see if they could get an extra 30 minutes of trick or treating.

With less than a week before Halloween, the students took to the streets to protest trick-or-treat times.

"Mayor Coyne, come out and talk to us!" the students shouted outside city hall.

They wrote a petition.

"The kids learned that even as young children that they also have a voice and can state their opinion and can go to their local government to make a change," said 4th grade teacher, Mickey Krivak.

They gave several reasons why the time should be extended.

"To give parents of Brook Park whose parents work late an equal opportunity to go trick or treating," 4th grade student Vivian Cook said.

"Because of road construction, we need more time to walk around,"4th grade student Dominic Nofel said.

They chanted outside city hall until Mayor Tom Coyne listened to their request.

"How many are in favor, raise your hands!" Coyne asked.

They gave the mayor all the signatures on their petition.

"200? That's more votes than will be cast in the mayoral election, I guess I'd better pay attention!" Mayor Coyne joked.

After careful consideration Coyne said yes.

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