Romona's Kids: Euclid students learn to live their dreams

Romona's Kids: Euclid students learn to live their dreams

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - In this week's Romona's Kids, some local students are learning a lot more than they ever expected in English class.

They're figuring out how to make their dreams come true.

Chanelle McCloud's 8th grade English class at Euclid High School is a place to dream, right down to the classroom decorations and the students' latest writing project.

"I want my students to research their dream and understand what it's going to take, the top colleges in their field, and the training it's going to take to really connect their learning to their dreams," said McCloud.

The kids share their goals with the class through presentations.

"I was thinking how successful I would be if I owned a company for video game designing," said eighth grader Christopher Young.

"My goal is to be an artist, so I have to go to an art program, finish assignments on time and get A's and B's," said eighth grader Trayvon Harris.

"I want to be a wildlife biologist," said Zarioana Wells. "Dreams don't come easily, so if you want to have great success in your life, don't think it's going to come because of who you are, you have to work for it."

"Most boys my age want to be the best football or basketball player, but I want to be the best hibachi chef," said Javion Golson. "Being a hibachi chef inspires me because I can cook and make people happy!"

Most importantly, the students learn why a dream is so important. "It basically helps you focus and stay on the right path," said Golson.

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