10 surprising facts about John F. Kennedy

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The National Archives released approximately 2,800 records related to President John F. Kennedy's assassination, but President Trump delayed the release of other files that are still under review.

Kennedy was the youngest person and first Catholic to be elected president, but there are many things about JFK that may come as a surprise. Here are 10 things you may not know about John F. Kennedy, according to History.com:

  1. He and Jackie Kennedy had four children: The Kennedys had two other children in addition to Caroline and John, Jr. Jackie gave birth to a stillborn girl in 1956, and Patrick Bouvier Kennedy died two days after birth in 1963.
  2. Kennedy received last rites three times before his presidency: Despite his youth, Kennedy suffered from poor health throughout his entire life. He fell ill in England in 1947 and was given a year to live. The second occasion was in 1951 when he suffered from a high fever in Asia. Lastly, in 1954, he fell into a coma because of an infection during back surgery.
  3. The Army medically disqualified Kennedy from service: Kennedy initially failed physical exams for the Army and Navy, and was not admitted to enlist. Eventually, his father's connection landed him in the Navy.
  4. He won a Pulitzer Prize: In 1957, a Pulitzer Prize in biography was awarded to Kennedy for “Profiles in Courage.”
  5. Kennedy briefly attended Princeton University: Before enrolling in Harvard University, Kennedy began his study at Princeton University in 1935.
  6. He donated his congressional and presidential salaries to charity: Kennedy’s father built a family fortune, which was enough for the president to maintain a standard of living.
  7. Kennedy installed a secret taping system in the White House: In the summer of 1962, Kennedy set up a secret taping system in the Oval Office and Cabinet Room that transmitted recordings to a tape recorder in the White House.
  8. Kennedy proposed a joint Soviet mission to the moon: Kennedy's concerns about the country's high cost space program prompted him to propose partnering with the Soviet Union on a joint expedition to the moon.
  9. There were rumors that he considered dropping Lyndon Johnson from the 1964 ticket: Rumors swirled that Kennedy was considering replacing Johnson as his running mate with Florida Senator George Smathers, North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford or another Democrat.
  10. Kennedy feared running for re-election against Mitt Romney’s father: Kennedy was concerned about facing Republican Michigan Governor George Romney if he ran for re-election.

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