Black Friday ads: Here's a list of release dates for the deals

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - About a week earlier than normal we're already seeing Black Friday ads, or at least previews, starting to appear.

One of the leading trackers of the shopping holiday is where the Target and Toys 'R' Us toy catalogs have already been posted.

"There are so many moving part to this BF season," Melissa Martin of said. "Each year we tell the consumer it is going to be a crazy shopping season but this year is going to top it."

According to Martin, this year will be bigger for a couple of different reasons.

What started as a day to shop the day after Thanksgiving then grew to a Thursday and Friday shopping and then an in-store and online event over the two days.

"Most stores will advertise that the consumer can shop online at least 24 hours before in-stores open and some like Kohl's will allow that to happen 3 days in advance," said Martin.

This year it looks to be a week long event.

"It has actually gotten bigger and better. Consumers spoke and retailers listened," said Martin. "Consumers wanted the opportunity to have more time so they weren't in stores fighting over toys. Retailers are giving consumers the opportunity to shop on different days or online."

What will be hot?

In years past black Friday could have just been called, "Black TV Shopping Time" with the biggest sales being centered around flat screen TV's. We asked Martin what this years big deals will cover.

"PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV will all be hot items for this year. There will be a few Samsung TVs that will be priced low during the Black Friday sale days, keep in mind this year it may not be exactly on that Friday but will be during the Black Friday week (hint)," said Martin.

Game Plan:

So with black Friday turning into a week long in-store and online shopping week we asked the experts the best game plan for consumers.

"The best thing for the consumer to do is go on our site and sign up on Deal Alerts," said Martin. "This is a feature that allows you to list together deals that you are interested in or wish to buy at some point. When you favorite a deal on, it is tracked here for your convenience. It alerts you that the item has gone on sale and where to buy it. This feature takes out all the browsing and hunting."

When can we expect the ads:

While the term "leaked" is still used the more and more the ads are just released by the stores themselves knowing people are looking for the best deal. According to here's when you can expect the release of the big stores.

  • Kohls - well it was leaked last night but there was an issue so it needed to come down (re-release date is Nov. 2)
  • Best Buy - Nov. 9
  • Walmart - Nov 8
  • Target - Nov 8
  • Sears Nov. 8
  • Toys R Us - Nov 10
  • Neiman Marcus - Nov. 4
  • Macy's - Nov. 6

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