Tremont woman paints house pink to promote beauty brand

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's hard to miss the pink house located on Quigley Road in Tremont but the artist who painted it said that's one of her goals.

Jarrah Lewis said she painted the abandoned house with the homeowner's blessing, it's a marketing strategy to promote her lifestyle and beauty brand  Pretty Nemesis.

Lewis says the idea came from rapper 2 Chainz, who painted a house pink in Atlanta to promote his new album. It made national headlines and was credited for "genius marketing."

"I saw how the house in Atlanta had brought people together so I said hey, if I paint this house pink in this area, I wonder how it would bring the community together in Cleveland," Lewis said.

Many have stopped at the house to take photos and it's creating buzz on social media.

However, city representatives said the home is in violation of several codes.

Tremont West Development Corporations said the billboard sign needs to be removed as soon as possible.

"This property has been turned into the city multiple times, once under previous ownership, for debris and uncleanly conditions and overall need for housing inspection. There are multiple code violations," Executive Director Cory Riordan said.

"If that's what makes the community happy then I don't want to fight with them on something that's new in the community, I want to be respectful of them and like, this house has become the baby to my brand so of course I'd be heartbroken if the sign has to come down but I feel like so far so good with it being up," Lewis said.

There are mixed feelings from those who live in the neighborhood.

"I think graffiti is definitely an art, I just don't know if a big pink house with an advertisement for some salon is really the proper way to advertise for your salon and I think that house could be used by a nice family," said Tremont resident Shawn Mishak.

"It's art work for real. I support art work, there's nothing bad about artwork, I mean it just expresses Cleveland, seriously, said Alex Galarza, Tremont resident.

"It can happen, regardless of if some people like it or if some people don't. My goal of bringing the community together has been met," said Lewis.

Homeowner Doug Fawcett says he supports Lewis' artistry and vision but wants to comply with city guidelines. His company owns several properties in the Tremont neighborhood.

Ward 12 Councilman Anthony Brancatelli says his office hasn't received any complaints.

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