Solon police collect prescriptions in Drug Take Back Day

Solon police collect prescriptions in Drug Take Back Day

SOLON, OH (WOIO) - In the midst of a nationwide opioid drug crisis, the Solon Police Department spent the day trying to sweep the streets of prescription drugs.

Hundreds, if not, thousands of pills like percocet and vicoden were collected in Solon for Drug Take Back Day.

People from all over the country are backing the effort, even one US Attorney.

"There were 64,000 Americans who died last year in 2016 from drug overdoses. That's more that died than the entire Vietnam war and that's in one year," Ohio Northern District US Attorney Justin Herdman said.

Herdman is working with the Solon Police department to help bring that number down, one pill at a time.

"Today is drug take back day and citizens are bringing in prescriptions that are in their medical cabinets, their pantries around their house and they're turning them in to be destroyed by the DEA," Herdman said.

One of the main goals Drug Take Back Day is too help get dangerous opioids like Fetanyl off the streets.

"A lot of medications we've actually seen coming in are derivatives of opioids These medications are coming off of the streets. They're not ending up in the wrong hands. They're not being abused," Solon Patrol Officer Linda Castro said.

The Drug Take Back Day was also created with the environment in mind.

"Obviously we don't want to contaminate our water supply. We want to get these disposed of the proper way," Officer Castro said.

"They've already got over 20 pounds or so of meds off the streets. It's just encouraging to know that so many people are participating," Herdman said.

The drugs will be taken to the Solon Police Department's evidence locker. From there, the DEA will pick them up to be destroyed.

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