Suspects flee with ATM during Parma smash-and-grab

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - A Parma gas station was hit by several suspects during a smash-and-grab early Monday morning.

An employee at the BP gas station on Brookpark Road and State Road called 911. He said the suspects rammed a car into the building at approximately 4 a.m.

Dispatcher: 911 what's your emergency?

Caller: Uh, I'm at 5206 Brook Park and State. I'm at BP. They just smashed through the window and took the ATM.

Dispatcher: Brook Park Road?

Caller: State Road technically. (Unintelligible). They just smashed through the window and they took the ATM.

The suspects were able to load the ATM into a vehicle and escape from the scene, according to the employee.

The gas station closed after the incident. Nobody was hurt during the smash-and-grab.

Police have not released any additional details at this time.

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