Incumbent Mayor Jackson, Councilman Reed discuss election on Wake Up Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Both candidates for Cleveland's mayoral seat appeared on Cleveland 19's Wake Up Cleveland on Monday morning to discuss the upcoming election and several issues the city is facing.

Incumbent Mayor Frank Jackson is seeking his fourth straight term as Cleveland's leader, while Councilman Zack Reed is challenging Jackson for the seat.

Each candidate has differing views on what the mayor's priority should be.

Mayor Jackson said that Cleveland's most important issues are always changing, but education is key.

"At any given moment in time, what seems to be the most insignificant thing becomes the most important," says Jackson. "But when I'm asked those kinds of questions and they say you have to give me an answer, I always say education is a key to our success."

On the other hand, Councilman Zack Reed disputes Jackson's beliefs and feels that public safety should be the priority.

"The first responsibility of governing, whether it's federal, state, or local, is to protect their people. Period," said Reed.

Councilman Reed would propose adding an additional 400 officers to the police force. He also believes that creating more jobs would eliminate crime.

"Nothing stops a bullet like a job," says Reed.

Mayor Jackson would seek to add 93 additional workers to the department, claiming that Reed's plan would cost $400 million.

"It's nice to say 400, but what is the practical side? How can you bring on 400 police officers," asked Jackson.

The two candidates have a known history of attacking each other's policies and views. A proposed dirt bike track and luring Amazon's new headquarters to Cleveland have been other topics of debate. Both issues were discussed Monday morning.

"The job is never done," said Jackson at the end of his appearance. "There's some things that we need to get done to institutionalize, to insure a better outcome for all of Cleveland, added the mayor.

Reed ended the interview by saying that he will be "a mayor that understands the issues of the people of the city of Cleveland."

Voters will cast their choice on Nov. 7.

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