Cleveland Browns fail to make the grade in Tony Z's week 8 report card

Cleveland Browns fail to make the grade in Tony Z's week 8 report card

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's not that the Report Cards are getting tougher to do. It's just that they're getting redundant.

How many times can you fail the same group of guys?

The Browns are who they are at this point, and unless they add somebody who can identify top talent, especially at quarterback, that may not change for a while.

In the meantime, school is still in session, and players are fighting to make the grade.

Let's start with Isaiah Crowell.

Before the season started, he predicted a "monster year."

The Crow wants to get fed, because that means the Crow will eventually get paid. It's a contract year. But things aren't exactly working out as planned.

Coach Hue Jackson seldomly gives him the ball.

Crowell averages about 13 carries per game, and yesterday, he only had 11.

His first one was a dandy, a 26-yard sprint to the house.

But his first carry of the second half? Brutal. He coughed it up, Vikings recovered, and they would take the lead moments later.

He's hot, he's cold, and he's carrying home a "D".

DeShone Kizer failed to do something yesterday for the first time this season, and that's a good thing! He didn't turn the ball over.

Of course, he wasn't allowed to do much except mostly dink and dunk, as Hue reigned him in, but he did have a shot at a wide-open David Njoku and overthrew him during the second series of game.

He also didn't have a lot of help (Louis drop, 6:51 4th). We still don't know if DeShone is the future, but at the present, he's an average quarterback. "C".

Nothing screams "we don't want to admit we made a mistake" more than keeping around flops, whether you signed 'em to a boatload of money -- we see you, Kenny Britt -- or you drafted them.

Zane Gonzalez has now missed four field goals in eight games, including a 35-yard chip shot yesterday, and an extra-point. Can't win like this. "F".

Finally, the "D", which held a pretty good rushing team to 88 yards on the ground, but also made Case Keenum look like, well, a legit starting quarterback.

Breakdowns in the secondary (wide open Thielen TD makes it 9-6), and worse, three penalties on the drive that sealed the deal.

Roughing the passer, pass interference and defensive holding. Moments later, touchdown Vikings.

Game, set, match. Granted, they were exhausted by that point, but it is what it is. Can't spell defense without the "D".

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