Massillon babysitter overdoses with child in back seat of car

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - Two women are being called heroes after they saved the life of a toddler whose parents had apparently overdosed behind the wheel.

Sarah Wentzel says she was going to a gas station on 6th street and Lincoln Way West, when she noticed a car with two adults slumped over inside.

When she approached the car, she noticed a three-year-old in the back seat.

"He was hunched over and she was hunched over but the Window of the car was open," said Wentzel.

But Wentzel says what she saw next was the shocking part.

"There's a little baby screaming and there were people all over the pump on the phone recording it, but no one's calling 911," said Wentzel.

So she and her friend sprang into action - blocking the car in while Wentzel went for the child in the backseat.

"Her foot is on the brake, but the car is in drive. So I reach in very carefully and I put the car in park," said Wentzel.

She pulls the drivers foot off of the pedal and goes right for the child who wasn't in a car seat, nor had on a seat belt.

"He was losing his mind. I brought him to my friend Tonya so he could get warm and try to steer his mind away from everything that was going on cause it was chaotic," said Wentzel.

Wentzel even started preforming CPR on the driver of the car.

Turns out the passenger of the vehicle was the child's baby sitter, 53-year-old John Graden.

He as well as the driver, 48-year-old Connie McLaughlin were arrested on several drugs charges and child endangerment.

Wentzel was just glad that no one was hurt.

"There's a lot of lives that could have been really, really impacted, not just the people behind the wheel or the baby. If she would've taken her foot off the pedal, she could have drove through the gas station and hurt somebody," said Wentzel.

Even though the driver as well as the passenger of that vehicle have been arrested, the mother was no where near the scene of the incident and had no idea the babysitter was involved in that type of behavior.

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