Willoughby mom calls police as family dog chokes on toy in front of kids

WILLOUGHBY, OH (WOIO) - Most pet owners would do almost anything for their furry friends, but what about calling 9-1-1?

That's exactly what one Willoughby family had to do to save their dog on Sunday.

"He's a very friendly dog. He's great with the kids, he gets into everything," said owner Jennifer Hunter.

Soldier, a 1-year-old Golden Retriever, loves to chew on things.

On Sunday, Hunter's kids screamed -- the family pet was choking.

"She's like: 'Oh my god, Soldier is dying,'" Hunter said.

Hunter ran upstairs to check on the dog.

"He had a whole minion toy stuck in his throat," Hunter said.

She says she couldn't let anything happen to their beloved dog, especially in front of her kids.

"I work in a hospital, and I tried to do the Heimlich maneuver on him, it did not work. I literally stuck my whole hand down his throat to get it out. It was clamped to his tongue," Hunter said.

She tried what she could, but it wasn't working.

"I'm like, call 9-1-1, I had no clue what to do," Hunter said.

Fortunately, first responders were able to get the toy out.

The family is relieved that Soldier is perfectly healthy.

"He got treats, he got fed. The kids felt bad, I felt bad. He got more biscuits than he should have gotten," she said.

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