Vietnam war memorial project needs help in Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. has the names of the more than 52,000 men and women who died during the war, but what about their faces?

A collection pictures of every single one of them, for a future museum, has been underway for many years and is called the Virtual Vietnam Veterans Wall of Faces.

In the past six years, one woman from Hawaii has been undertaking the task of finding family, friends even high schools that may have pictures of those who died in the war. If family can't be found, often the pictures will come from classmates who still have yearbooks.

"Putting a face with a name changes the whole dynamic of that loved one lost," says Janna Hoehn who's working on the Wall of Faces project. "This is a real person. This was someone's loved one, that they still miss and this is just so important that they have a photo representing them.

Six years ago Hoehn started with her home state of Hawaii. Once all of the pictures were found of the vets there, she moved on to California and has since worked her way west. So far she has collected some 5,000 on her own.

She's now gotten to Ohio and put out a call for help to find pictures of some 200 men and women here.

"It just does my heart so good to be able to make sure a fallen hero is going to be remembered," Hoehn told reporter Dan DeRoos via Skype from Maui. "They deserve to be remembered. They deserve to be honored."

For those who may have a picture, or even information about those still on the list, Hoehn is hoping they will email her so she can continue her search.

Her email is: neverforgotten2014@gmail

Here is the list of names they are still missing pictures for vets that were from Northeast Ohio:


  • CARTER, Ronald J.              1948-1969        Parma
  • COBB, Willis                         1937-1970        Cleveland
  • CONLEY, Monroe J.             1950-1970        Cleveland
  • CURLEE, Johnnie M.            1930-1966        Cleveland
  • DAVIS, Robert W.                 1947-1968        Cleveland
  • DENNIS, Willie R.                 1947-1968        Cleveland
  • ECKERFELD, Michael D.      1949-1968        Berea
  • EGGERT, Russell W.            1949-1968        Cleveland
  • GRAY, James H.                   1936-1966        Cleveland
  • HALL, Albert                          1949-1970        Cleveland
  • HARTLEY, David W.              1944-1966       Garfield Heights
  • HUGHES, Marvin T.              1936-1966        Cleveland
  • ISAACS, John P.                   1944-1966        Cleveland
  • JOHNSON, Johnny L.           1945-1968         Cleveland
  • LAVELLE, Terrence M.         1946-1967         Cleveland
  • LENIO, Dale J.                      1949-1969         Cleveland
  • MACK, Robert L.                   1943-1966         Cleveland
  • MADDEN, John P.                 1946-1969        Cleveland
  • MAHONEY, Ernest                1945-1968        Cleveland
  • MALINOWSKI, Edward         1945-1966        Cleveland
  • MARTICH, Thomas M.          1947-1968         Cleveland
  • MAZITIS Jr., Victor A.            1947-1967         Cleveland
  • McLELLAN, Stuart M.            1942-1968         Cleveland
  • McVEY, Michael L.                1951-1970         Cleveland
  • MEDLEY, Clarence                1939-1966        Cleveland
  • MORGAN, Ronald C.             1950-1970        Cleveland
  • NEWCOMER, James H.        1952-1971        Cleveland
  • OWENS, Wilbert                     1948-1969       Cleveland
  • PIERCE Jr., Herbert L.           1949-1969        Cleveland
  • SANCHEZ, Hector L.              1944-1967        East Cleveland
  • SEBASTIAN, Joseph W.        1947-1968         Cleveland
  • STEPP, Eugene H.                 1947-1968        Cleveland
  • THEDFORD, Luther J.            1943-1968        Cleveland
  • THORNTON, Kenneth C.        1949-1970        Cleveland
  • WILLIAMS, Robert                  1946-1971        Chagrin Falls
  • WILLIAMS, Sammy                 1946-1967        Cleveland
  • WILSON, Clarence C.             1939-1966        Cleveland
  • WOODSON, Raymond D.       1949-1970        Cleveland


  • Nicolas Pavlakovich of Geneva
  • Ronald Rickard of Ashtabula


  • no photos needed


  • David F. Fisher Eastlake
  • Ernest G. Tompkins, Eastlake
  • Donaciano G. Lopez, Willoughby
  • Roger Phillips, Madison.


  • no photos needed


  • Michael McGovern, Akron
  • William L. Robertson, Barberton
  • Ed Worthey, Akron


  • Albert Glanton, Canton
  • Jarvis Lower, Hartville

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