Cleveland men charged after robbing, beating and kidnapping Seven Hills man

Cleveland men charged after robbing, beating and kidnapping Seven Hills man
Harry Ramon Velez
Harry Ramon Velez
Luis Daniel Rivera-Franco
Luis Daniel Rivera-Franco

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Parma Police have arrested and charged three men in connection with the armed robbery and kidnapping of a Seven Hills man that occurred this past weekend.

The men are identified as the following individuals, according to Parma Police Capt. Kevin Riley:

  • Maurice Banks Jr., 18, of Cleveland
  • Harry Ramon Velez, 20, of Cleveland.
  • Luis Daniel Rivera-Franco, 20, of Cleveland.

All three men were each charged with aggravated Robbery, a first-degree felony and appeared in Parma Municipal Court.

Their cases have been referred to a Cuyahoga County Grand Jury with additional likely to follow.

On Oct. 28, Parma police officers responded to the 4300 block of Wood Avenue where a man was robbed at gun point.

A 26 year-old Seven Hills man told police that he was walking on Forestwood Drive when he was pushed from behind and knocked to the ground.

The man told police there were three men, later identified as Banks, Velez, and Rivera-Franco, standing over him.

The victim told police Banks put a gun to his head and forced him to hand over his wallet and his cell phone.

The man said the alleged thieves forced him to walk with them to a nearby Dairy Mart, where Banks made the victim give him his debit card and pin number.

Banks then walked inside the Dairy Mart to an ATM and withdrew money from the victim's account while Velez and Rivera-Franco held the victim outside the store.

After stealing money from the victim's bank account, the man told police that the three men forced him to walk with them northbound on State Road where they wanted the victim to take them to the victim's friend's house so they could rob that person as well.

When they got near State Road and Wood Avenue, the victim was able to escape and run.

The three men chased after the victim and caught up to him at a nearby house where they began beating him.

A nearby witness heard the victim yelling for help and saw the three suspects punching and kicking him.

The witness, who had a gun permit, was armed and ran over to help. He pointed his gun at the men who then fled.

Parma Police officers began checking the area for the suspects when two officers spotted the three men near State Road and Snow Road.

When they saw the police all three fled on foot and went in different directions.

After a short foot pursuit the three men were captured.

Velez and Rivera-Franco were taken into custody without incident.

Officers used a Taser device on Banks after he repeatedly ignored their commands.

After being hit with the Taser, Banks fell to the ground and was taken into custody.

Banks was holding a bag when he was arrested.

Officers searched the bag and found a loaded firearm and the victim's property in his possession.

After being cleared by paramedics from PFD, Banks and the others were taken to the Parma jail.

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