How you can help the homeless women and children left to wander the streets of Cleveland

The City Mission is the place where, on average 50 women and children waiting for a bed in a family shelter are allowed to spend the night in the gymnasium, but then, are forced to leave at 7 a.m. every morning because of other programs the City Mission sponsors.

The City Mission's CEO, Rich Trickel, said the best way to help these homeless women and children is to call Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson (216-664-3990) and County Executive Armond Budish (216-443-7178) and demand that they immediately find a place for these women and children to stay while they are waiting for services.

They are not eligible for anything -- not even food -- until they get a bed in a family shelter.

The family shelters are all full.

The women must check in daily with an intake coordinator to find out if beds have become available for them and their children.

Trickle said this problem has been ongoing for the past 13 months and that so far, the city and the county have done nothing to provide a safe, temporary place for the women and children to stay until a bed in a family shelter becomes available.

The city has said that they are working to help solve the problem, but have so far, not said they would open any of their buildings to the homeless women and children.

The women and children also need underwear and socks for all ages and sizes.

The response on Facebook after we posted the story was overwhelming.

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