Story about Star Wars filming in Ohio is fake news

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Social media, and especially Star Wars fanatics, are geeking out a little at a report from WKY 12 claiming scenes for the next movie in the saga will be shot in Defiance, Ohio which is a small town southwest of Toledo. The report was made on a satirical website and is completely false.

"The undisclosed location near Defiance will represent a previously unknown planet in the Star Wars universe," the report claims.

The story even gets alien "wannabes" extra excited with a statement from the films producers.

"We think that Defiance is a great place to find the hundreds of extras for our alien population and we're very excited about filming here."

Before you run off to your closet grabbing your blasters and lightsaber we have some bad news.

City Hall in Defiance hasn't heard anything about the project.

In fact, our phone call was the first they had heard of it.

Digging just a little bit deeper into what WKY 12 is and the dream of joining the rebel alliance is completely dashed.

Under the "about" tab for WKY 12 you'll find the following disclaimer: is a satirical website. Most articles on this website are works of fantasy or satire and are not true. This website is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Fake news hitting close to home and in a galaxy far, far away.

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