Should cursive still be taught in schools?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The concept of cursive writing has been a hot topic for Ohio and several other states all over the country.

Even though it may seem that everyone types on their phones or computers, there's one woman in town who is presenting a hand writing workshop who says cursive hand writing is still very important.

"Do you know that they don't have to learn cursive anymore?" Jeanne Robinson asked during a stand up comedy routine.

That's the law in some states.

Ohio has been debating on whether the long time way of writing should still be taught in classroom but Learning Without Tears handwriting expert, Carol Rushing-Carr said, "Cursive is still relevant."

On Friday she spoke with a group of over 40 preschool teachers about the elements of handwriting, including cursive.

"We want student's to be proficient in their writing. Cursive is faster and more efficient when they're writing so they can learn that automatically," Rushing-Carr said.

But that's not what some kids think.

"It takes forever. I would rather be locked up with anacondas for an hour," one child said during a Buzzfeed interview about cursive writing.

Just so he can escape having to write using the "curly" motion of the wrist. Instead they rather use their finger tips.

However, Rushing-Carr said it still has its benefits.

"Research tells us that children that do both keyboarding and handwriting while in school are the best students," said Rushing-Carr.

If you'd like to learn more about the Learning without tears workshop, you can click this link.

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