LaGrange hard hit by wind and water from storm

LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Along Route 301 as you approach LaGrange in Lorain County it is clear that there was a nasty storm.

Rows of utility poles lining the highway are snapped, supported only by sagging wires.

Dottie Robison lives in a home with snapped poles out front and heard the storm approach.

"It was like a roar coming this way, it was really loud," Robison said.

She and her family rode the storm out in the basement. She, her husband, son, daughter in law and three kids. Now all without power.

Tom Kelley, the Emergency Management Homeland Security Director released the following statement:

On-scene damage assessments and Doppler radar review shows that the damage associated with the storms that went through Lorain County yesterday were the result of several downbursts, or straight line winds, that occur when a mature thunderstorm collapses and the down rush of winds cause what occurred yesterday.
Although winds caused tree and electrical pole damage across the county, the major brunt of the wind damage occurred in Columbia Township, Eaton Township, Grafton and Grafton Township, and LaGrange and LaGrange Townships. Some structural damage also occurred. Street and basement flooding was also reported in many areas.
Doppler radar at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Cleveland showed that during the event, winds exceeded 90mph in many locations.

At LaGrange Hardware a generator gave partial power to the building, enough for them to open, but not before getting work started on a large chunk of the roof that blew off.

"We have the building secured and we have tarped the roofs and the damage inside is minimal, most of it is here externally," according to manager Cathy Nixon.

The building next door had siding ripped off, and the roof of the ice cream stand across the street also lost a chunk of it's roof.

Chippers and chain saws were getting work outs all over town, and power crews were working overtime to get the lights back on.

Back at LaGrange Hardware Roy Duncan described what he experienced, he lives in an apartment at the back of the store.

He said "The wind, it just picked up. I could feel it pushing against the wall. Seen sparks fly and I could hear sheeting being tore off the top of the roof."

The positive side of the story is that the only effects of the storm were the power and damage to property issues.

No one was reported injured.

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