Mark Schwab not buying the Browns' excuses for its flawed quarterback pick system

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You could spend a whole afternoon dissecting the entire Sashi Brown press conference, so I'm only going to focus on one part of it - his defense for missing on franchise quarterbacks in the last two drafts.

"I don't think trading down was the problem. I think it is purely evaluating," said Brown, Executive Vice President of Football Operations. "There is obviously a lot of teams that passed on Russell Wilson that know how to evaluate quarterbacks. There's a lot of teams that passed on DeShaun Watson, or Derek Carr's and others that didn't go 1-2 in the draft that know how to evaluate quarterbacks."

I've heard that before, specifically with Wilson and even Dak Prescott, a fourth-round choice of the Cowboys in 2016. They are bad examples for one simple reason - everybody was wrong. If the Cleveland Browns have the same evaluation as 31 other teams, you can't rip them for being wrong.

Even Seattle and Dallas were wrong on Wilson and Prescott. If they knew they were that good, they wouldn't have let them slide till the third and fourth round!

Criticism should be leveled when you repeatedly have an opinion different from your colleagues and you get beat because of it. The Browns clearly whiffed on both Carson Wentz and Watson.

Pointing to Russell Wilson sliding to the third round five years ago as a defense is just...weird.

And sure, some other teams did pass on Watson this year, but not that many. Certainly not the whole league, like Wilson. And of the teams that did pass on him, some of them have received criticism, and exactly none of them passed on Wentz the year before.

The Browns are the only team to pass on both and they are the only team that hasn't had a franchise quarterback since the early 1990's. The organization, and more specifically this front office, has shown they cannot evaluate quarterbacks.

The phrase "there's a lot of teams that passed on DeShaun Watson… that know how to evaluate quarterbacks" is crazy.

Is he trying to imply that they are one of several teams that simultaneously passed on Watson and know how to evaluate quarterbacks?

Why should they be put in with that crowd? They passed on Wentz, drafted Cody Kessler and commanded the faithful to "trust me" on draft night. A year later they passed on Watson and grabbed DeShone Kizer, a guy that's been benched twice in the first eight games.

Brown is trying to hide behind a few cherry-picked instances of other teams missing on some quarterbacks to defend him himself after missing on all of them.

It is a very thin defense and it does not pass muster.

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