Cleveland church beefs up security after Texas church shooting

Local church beefing up security in wake of church shooting. (Source: WOIO)
Local church beefing up security in wake of church shooting. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The death toll stands at 26.

The victims ranged from 18 months to 77-years-old.

Police blame it on a domestic situation between the gunman and his in-laws.

The violence is also forcing some local churches to re- think security.

In the wake of the horrific tragedy that occurred in Texas this Sunday, several countries around the world are beefing up security in preparation of the worst cast scenario - a copy cat shooter.

However for the staff and members at Cleveland Baptist Church, it's something they've been preparing for, for quite some time.

Cleveland Baptist Church Pastor, Peter Foldger is having a hard time coming to terms with the bloody massacre that took place at a First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas Church that left nearly 30 dead.

"To think that folks could go to church to worship God and for that to not be safe is extremely, extremely sad," said Pastor Foldger.

However it's something that the church has been quietly preparing for, for some time.

"Of course we see this way to many times, this type of scene unfolding in our country," said Foldger.

So many times that church has decided to offer it's staff and members special training on what to do in an active shooter situation.

"As a church we have paid for at least 100 of our folks to go through that training so they are prepared for something like this were to transpire here," said Foldger.

But still, Pastor Foldger says that in itself isn't enough.

"We have set up a security team every single service. We have folks that are in various stations."

The security teams will monitor both the inside and the outside of the church.

"We can't say that we would save every life or that we wouldn't have any casualties or any problems whatsoever. But we think we've given ourselves a little bit better of a chance by having our people go through this training," said Foldger.

Cleveland 19 also reached out to St. John Cathedral to see if they would have any additional security measures for their upcoming services.

The answer was no, but the cathedral says there's always an officer who's at the cathedral during all hour of operation.

The church is also planning for a healing Mass this upcoming Thursday.

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