Strongsville crews, residents launch large-scale cleanup following violent Sunday storm

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - The aftermath in Strongsville has left resident in awe.

Crews were busy cleaning up debris Monday after high winds blew through the Northeast Ohio suburb.

Multiple trees came tumbling down, leaving an expensive mess for homeowners to deal with, including Wayne Saban.

"Yeah, quite a bit," said Saban. "Got a lot of it cleared out this morning because my car has got a lot of damage to it, too. I have so much to do right now but with everything else going right now just one more thing I got to take care of."

More bad news: Saban is set to sell his house next week.

Tree crews wasted no time hauling and chipping the limbs and branches of downed trees.

Time is money and they have a lot of work yet to do, just ask Ricardo Tancredi.

"A lot of trees fell in my backyard," said Tancredi. "Took down half of my fence. They're all sitting back there still."

Almost every street had damage, including the massive tree loss on Shurmer.

Trees are beautiful and add value to a home.

These massive trees typically have wide, but very shallow roots, often making them no match for powerful winds that blow through.

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