Ohio ballot issues: What you need to know

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It is Election Day on Tuesday, and there are two statewide issues you need to decide on.

We all hope we, and our loved ones are never a victim of a crime.

If you are, Issue 1 hopes to give victims more information on their offender.

If passed, Issue 1 would amend the state constitution, allowing victims to speak before a judge and have input on plea deals.

It would also notify victims of every proceeding in their case.

The law is named after a woman who was killed in California.

Her offender was released on bail, and ran into her family at a grocery store.

They had no idea he had been released.

Opponents of the proposal say implementing the new protections would be expensive.

Another opponent says it could allow victims to intervene in the criminal justice process, causing a mess.

Easiest 2-minute explanation of Ohio Ballot Issue 2

Right now, the Veterans Affairs hospitals get a discount on prescription drugs because they buy in bulk.

It's believed to be about 24 percent.

Issue 2 would mandate that pharmaceutical companies would not be able to charge more than that to recipients of state insurance, like state employees and those on Medicaid.

But it's not that simple.

The 64% of Ohioans who are on private insurance could also be impacted.

Some argue if Issue 2 passes, the pharmaceutical companies could pass along the extra costs to this group.

If Issue 2 is passed, and is challenged in court, the state, or you the taxpayer, have to pay for attorney fees and expenses.

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