Power outages in Northeast Ohio still linger

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - At the height of Sunday's storms that blew through northeast Ohio 86,000 homes, buildings, businesses and people were left in the dark.

Here are the numbers by county in Ohio:

  • ASHTABULA - 555
  • CUYAHOGA - 2,263
  • ERIE - Fewer than 5
  • GEAUGA 1,475
  • HURON - 706
  • MEDINA - 367
  • PORTAGE - 1,142
  • SUMMIT - 9,244

The worst hit communities are in Summit County:

  • 909 in Macedonia
  • 694 in Northfield
  • 1,621 in Reminderville
  • 702 Sagamore Hills Twp.
  • 5,710 in Twinsburg.

At one point, First Energy, which serves part of northeast Ohio and the Cleveland area, says 16,000 people were in the dark.

Strongsville was hit the hardest with 6,000 people affected. These numbers change hour by hour as crews continue to work to restore power.

Ohio Edison serving the outer counties like Lorain, Elyria, Medina, Summit some 70,000 customers were left in the dark with Twinsburg hit hard at 10,000.

The outages were caused by wires and trees down and because of the high winds that blew through the area, many leaves are covering downed wires.

Parents are asked to stay alert and tell their children to be extra careful outside if they are near downed trees or lines, they could still be active.

The best guess estimate is that it could take days to restore power to all those affected.

Twinsburg got hit by a double whammy, high winds that knocked down trees onto power lines.

They've been without power since the storm blew through Sunday night and many of them probably won't get power back on for at least another day.

Kenneth Washington reflects on the inconvenience caused by their power outage.

"My wife is a little nervous about not having light at night. We had to go out and buy lights to illuminate the inside of the home," Washington said.

Washington didn't to go to work Monday or Tuesday.

He and his wife, Sharalee, have been in the dark and cold since Sunday night when their power went out when high winds brought down power lines all over the area.

"Really afraid to leave her especially in a situation where it's dark and no heat and the food supply is limited," Washington said.

They've been told to expect power no sooner than 11 p.m. on Wednesday.

"My wife has some medical issues that we need to make sure we have power for," Washington said.

Washington said it gets really cold when the sun goes down.

"We're dressed like this because I'm trying to keep from catching a serious cold cause I do need to get back to work.  There are a lot of sniffles that go on when you're sleeping at night and it's 20 degrees in the house," Washington said.

Sharalee Washington is tired of living in the dark, cold conditions.

"We wear our coats, our clothes and everything and don't take them off and sleep that way. So, I'm hoping the power will come on and soon," Washington said.

Not only do the Washington's have to bundle up like it's in the dead of winter, when they want to use the bathroom they have to literally walk inside and use a portable light like this in order to use their bathroom.
"This is our refrigerator that we've been advised not to open.  We do not want to lose that food that we do have."

First Energy say they're having to rebuild a badly damaged 69,000 thousand volt transmission line.

There are about 11,000 people still without power in Summit County.

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