Mountain biking saves Cleveland man's life, almost takes it

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you are into biking, you probably know the name Ray Petro.

He's the founder of the indoor bike track in Cleveland.

He was recently in a serious bike accident.

Like the cycling tracks he built, Ray Petro's life has been filled with ups and downs.

"If you know the back story of Ray and why this was a dream, you would understand that mountain biking not only saved his life, then it almost took it,"  Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park General Manager Keith Miller said.

Suffering from addiction, Ray got into mountain biking as a positive way to spend his time.

"It was the winter time that brought back those temptations. He discovered why couldn't I just build something inside that I could ride my bike on?" Miller said.

14 years later, and 180-thousand square feet, Ray, along with volunteers, built the mecca for enthusiasts.

"The Cleveland cycle community is awesome and very strong," Miller said.

That strong community is now coming together for the man who gave them so much.  Ray, out enjoying the sport he loves, crashed.

"He was riding on the outdoor trails this summer and slid out on some leaves and he hit a tree and is suffering some paralysis," Miller said.

A serious accident, that will take months of rehab and hard work.  Friends have created a go-fund-me account to help pay for medical expenses.

"We do want people to come.  If they can't donate, at least come and enjoy what he built," Miller said.

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