'Orlo Wants to Know' segment vows to get help for pit bull attack victim

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It appears Steve Maxwell, the victim of a pit bull attack will have to find and go after missing neighbors to get help with medical bills from mauling by their dog.

Maxwell first told his story to Paul Orlousky three weeks ago.

He went to a neighbor's yard to help him separate three pit bulls that were fighting.

One of the dogs attacked Maxwell, biting off a chunk of his finger.

Three weeks later Maxwell is still healing.

"This one is still amputated, pretty nasty still, it's not healing well. This one here is healing, the scars are improving," Maxwell said.

Maxwell works daily exercising his hands to regain range of motion, and at least be able to get back to work. 

His hands are important in his work as a laborer, so he's been on ice for a month now not being able to work.

Pointing to his other hand he showed another wound.

"This was actually bitten a third of the way through," Maxwell said.

 When Orlousky first visited Maxwell, Tugboat, the pit bull that bit him was quarantined next door. 

Now the dog, and it's owners are gone.

He fears the dog to bite again, the owners never to be held responsible.

Since the home is in foreclosure shouldn't the bank, in this case Fannie Mae have liability insurance that would at least cover his hospital bills.

He's had three emergency visits, two ambulance rides and doctor's visits.

He has thousands of dollars in bills.

Orlousky got an answer from Fannie Mae late Tuesday.  It owns the property now because of a foreclosure and had liability insurance for the property only.

It is up to Maxwell to go after the dog's owners for civil liability for his medical bills.  They seem to have disappeared.

Orlousky will next track them down.

Maxwell may have summed up his situation best of all using an old saying.  A good deed never goes unpunished.

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