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Hair salon in South Euclid changing lives along with hairstyles

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio -- Aside from the chatting, cutting and styling youll find that Monica Green, owner of So Curly, So Kinky, So Straight in South Euclid, is changing lives along with hairstyles.

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"We are looking to really help a lot of people through this pathway. I’ve seen students go from making $500 to $50,000 after completing the program," said Green.

She said she's also seen success stories where students go from jail time or hard times to establishing their own salon.

The Beauty and Barber Empowerment Center offers courses from 12 weeks to 10 months where people can get certified in the beauty industry and learn the skillset to be successful.

Cherish Thapman knows firsthand how this program has helped her not only in finding her career but also giving her the skills to be the best mom she can be.

"I’m due in December and I want to focus on being the best mom that I can be as well as taking off further in my hair career and I plan on going very far with it," said Thapman.

If you are interested in switching your career path or want to get your hair styled by these students you can find more information about the program by clicking here.

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