Celebrity makeup artist comes home, opens shop in Aurora

AURORA, OH (WOIO) - Amanda May has done makeup for celebrities like model, Hailey Clauson and actress, Eva Marcille, but it was Tori Spelling who helped give her and her brand a nationally recognized boost.

"I got to meet her. She started using the products- tweeted out how much she loved the products that I had developed," said May.

Turns out May is a hometown girl who obviously made a name for herself with her skills and her own brand called, "DIVINE Image," and is back in the town she grew up in to share her products and skills.

Amanda May Beauty just opened in Aurora at the Aurora Farms Premium Outlets.

The grandmother who taught May how to do makeup as a child helped decorate the new store.

"I remember her calling me into the bathroom and saying this is how you put on eyeshadow, and this is the three colors you use, and this is how you make your eyes look bigger," described May.

Years later May said she follows a less is more motto to make women beautiful.

We asked May to share three of her best tips all women can do to look good.

First up, May says applying a light foundation is key.

"What we picked is a color just slightly lighter than her natural skin tone, but here is where the magic comes in," said May as she demonstrated on her childhood friend, Yvette Lommier.

On top of that light-colored base, you brush on a matte color that's closer to the color of your face, that makes you look slightly sun-kissed.

"That warms it all back up," added May.

Next put on mascara, but only on your top lashes.

"So the top is the best way to draw all the attention up - keeping it off the bottom lashes," said May.

Last thing, put on a neutral-colored lip stain

"This will last all day. You can put it on once and go," said May with a smile.

There's more where these tips came from.

May believes anyone can be beautiful.

"One hundred percent. It takes knowing what to do, having the right techniques, and then feeling the confidence of being able to do it, and a lot of that is having someone teach you," said May.

May says that's what Amanda May Beauty is all about.

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