Band of Ohio veteran brothers embark on Washington, D.C. 'Honor Flight'

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UNIONTOWN, OH (WOIO) - Local military veterans will travel to Washington, D.C. on "Honor Flights," but what makes this trip unique is that it involves four brothers.

"Until I board that plane, I still cannot believe this is happening," said Gerald Glinsky

On Friday, the four Glinsky brothers will head to our nation's capital.

All of them served our country in the 1950s and 60s. They're now in their 70s and 80s.

"For the four of us to go into the military on our own pretty much and for the four of us to be shipped overseas just by chance and we all luckily came back, you know I'm really thankful for that," said Edwin Glinsky.

Honor Flight is a nonprofit group that flies military veterans across the country to D.C. to visit their respective memorials and receive recognition for their sacrifice and military service.

All of the brothers have many memories.

"When I go to the Vietnam Wall, I know the first soldier in my platoon that was killed. And I'm gonna go up, put my hand on his name and thank him," said Raymond Glinsky.

The Glinsky brothers say this trip has been years in the making: they applied two years ago when more than 800 veterans were on the waitlist.

They say the Honor Flight reps told them it's rare to have four military siblings still living and able to make the trip.

They say they're blessed.

"I'm happy that in the last analysis that I'm alive to be here today and not in some cemetery and to do the activities and to enjoy life together," said Stephen Glinsky, Jr.

The brothers honor their father, Stephen Glinsky Sr., who served eight years in the U.S. Navy.

He died in 1990.

"In his accolades for his eight years he got to be on the presidential yacht. and for him to do that and for us to be on this Honor Flight, it's like everything came full circle, from him to the four of us," said Gerald Glinsky.

All 6 Glinsky siblings are taking the Honor Flight.

The other brother and sister are going on the trip as guardians.

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