Will Joe Thomas eventually be a coach for the Cleveland Browns?

Will Joe Thomas eventually be a coach for the Cleveland Browns?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - At practice on Thursday Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas said he always had a passion for coaching.

Back in August Thomas said one of his jobs during the season is to help out the younger players.

The ten-time NFL Pro Bowler said he was able to give Browns rookie defensive end Myles Garrett some advice.

Joe Thomas teaching Browns rookie Myles Garrett how to get to the quarterback

Garrett has 4 sacks on the year, he's tied for second-most among rookies in the National Football League this season.

"It's been fun because he's very receptive to coaching, he's extremely bright and is great at understanding the points you are trying to give him," Thomas said in August.

Thomas said time commitment will be a factor he looks at if he wants to get into coaching after his career is over.

The lineman said he feels sorry for coaches because of how much time they have to spend away from their families.

"It really is a monumental commitment beyond anything any fan can really understand," Thomas said.

Cleveland 19 Sports Director Tony Zarrella said coaches sometimes work 100 hours a week during the season.

Thomas said he is not sure if he could handle a coaching job at this moment, but it could be a possibility down the road.

"Certainly the passion for the teaching side of things is there," Thomas said.

The lineman will not play a game the rest of the year because of a tear in his left triceps.

Last week the Browns gave Thomas a $3 million raise.

He is getting a $1.5 million roster bonus this year and will have his pay increase by $1.5 million next season.

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