This is why we decided to cut into NFL games for severe weather alerts Sunday (Editorial)

This is why we decided to cut into NFL games for severe weather alerts Sunday (Editorial)
(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It doesn't happen a lot in Northeast Ohio, but it happened this past Sunday: severe and dangerous weather.

Tornadoes touched down in our viewing area.

A tornado warning was called for Cuyahoga County itself. A lot of damage, and a lot of power out.

The morning after, 40,000 people were still without power. For a lot of people, it was a very tense situation.

For some, though, the tension was for completely different reasons.

As the FirstAlert team worked hard to let viewers know what was going on during that scary and dangerous afternoon, our phone lines and social media flooded with football fans.

"You are ruining the game."

"Trying to follow my Fantasy Football team and this…"

One viewer even complained he couldn't follow his gambling site bet because of the preemption.

Look, I'm a football fan, too. When it was just a tornado watch, meaning we all need to be on the lookout, the on-air updates were very brief – as they should be.

But a tornado warning means that a tornado has either been sighted, or indicated by weather radar.

Once a warning is in effect, all bets are off. It's our job to be on and let you know the direction it's headed, when it could arrive, and when it's safe again.

That's our job.

"It's getting aggravating people complaining about the football game. Some people like myself live in the path of this storm and need to know what's happening. Get over it."

"I have a disabled child with me. She's scared. Thank you, Jason, for staying at it and doing your awesome job."

When lives are in danger, we're always going to choose to help protect them.

As we should, we are going to look at what we can do better in these situations moving forward.

To the angry football fans out there, maybe you should examine your own actions and priorities as well.

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