Worries over conflict with St. Malachi Church Run disappear as Orlo gets answers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Fears were stirred this week by a revelation that someone had scheduled a 10K race at the Nautica complex in the Flats on the same date that the annual St. Malachi Church Run is held -- the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day.

The application for the race came from Hermes Cleveland, a race organizer that previously ran the Malachi race until a parting of the ways this past spring.

Malachi Pastor Father Tony Schuerger wants no war of words with former race partner.

"I trust people to make good choices for themselves and their causes," Pastor Father Schuerger said.

He and others believe the spring spat over Hermes fees is water under the bridge.

But word of a request for a race nearby on the same date has him concerned because the race is the only fundraiser the church has to support it's long standing mission to feed the hungry.

It is the main draw for the more than 4500 runners who show up each year.

Parishioner Matt Cavanagh hopes the two events don't clash because the Malachi race is a destination race for many.

"They run for a cause, they run to help the people you'll see outside here today getting food, and getting warmth and getting shelter," said Cavanagh.

Turns out the worry may have been for naught.

It may or may not be prayers answered, but Nick Swingos of Hermes said Friday there is no race planned for March 10, the date of the Malachi race.

There won't be one, and the paperwork filed with the city was from before the split with Malachi's.

This allows full attention on the mission of the church particularly on a freezing cold day.

"That's very real and one of the things that we're happy to do is to serve people every single day here at church who come to us in need," added Schuerger.

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