City Mission holds public forum on homeless problem

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Every night for the past 13 months, dozens of women and children have been sleeping on mats on the floor inside the City Misson's gymnasium.

It's all because the city has run out of resources to house those facing homelessness, especially mothers and their children.

"One night we had 69 women and kids women sleeping on this floor. Another night we had 60. Last night we had 47," City Mission CEO Richard Trickel said.

Every bed that's available to homeless women and children in the city are full.

"There are more women that require shelter and we can't provide that shelter for them right now because there's no room," Trickel said.

So now the City Mission is turning to the community for help, inviting anyone who's concerned to discuss more ways on how they can lend a helping hand.

"We need to take care of the women and children. We talk about how the children are our future and it's not right to have anybody homeless," Community  member Christine Weber said.

Leangela Atkins was one of the many faces in the crowd searching for an solution to this issue. She's hoping more organizations can become involved in finding an answer.

"It's a very big issue and I believe that the faith community of this city should be more involved and more engaged," Atkins said.

"What we can do immediately is engage with the women that are currently in their circumstances. We can draw alongside them and we can provide a better level of support and service to them," Trickel said.

Those who may be facing homelessness can contact the City Mission to find out how to find assistance.

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