Turkey on the run in Cuyahoga Falls

Spotted:  a wild turkey on the run.

Kristen Fernandez & her daughter Lydia captured the turkey on camera Thursday after the turkey started chasing their car on Steels Corner Road in Cuyahoga Falls.

"We were just in shock, we didn't know what to think, I've never seen a turkey run after a car before," said Kristen.

Kristen says there have been reports of the turkey chasing a biker and running after cars so when they finally spotted him, she knew she had to get him on camera.

She posted the clip on social media and since then it's gone viral.

"The turkey is kind of a local celebrity," she said laughing.

A Cleveland 19 News crew spotted the turkey right before sunset Saturday evening.  Kristen believes it's the same one.

"Generally they stay in the woods or even in flocks, we see them but usually it's much smaller and scrawny but this guy is pretty healthy and he's at least 3 feet tall and I don't know what he likes about his area but he's getting all this attention now," she said.

There are no reports of the turkey hurting anyone but mother and daughter believe the turkey is protesting.

"They're fighting back, they don't want to be eaten, it's Thanksgiving. Lydia and I are not fans of turkey so he would be safe with us but there will be a turkey on Thanksgiving, just not him," said Kristen.

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