North Royalton church still has service after fire destroys sanctuary

NORTH ROYALTON, OHIO (WOIO) - It's been a rough few days for St. Matthew's Church in North Royalton.

The church caught fire just a day before service was supposed to take place this morning.

However, the church is still having service, just not at the traditional building.

Judging from the building alone, you probably wouldn't be able to tell that a fire engulfed most of St. Matthew's Church Saturday Morning.

The inside however, it's a total different story. Nearly everything inside was destroyed by the flames.

However, that's not stopping the members of the church from celebrating the lord thanks to the help of their sister church.

St. Matthew's Church Member, Al Blazek fellowships with his church family just hours after the unthinkable happened.

"Our church is pretty much gone at this point. It's a bit of a shock, we didn't expect it," St. Matthew's church member Al Blazek said.

Blazek as well as the entire congregation are now forced to have their services at St. George in the meantime.

"We're finding places where we can have our services, have our meetings, our bible studies, our team meetings and all those. So we maybe a little here, little there," St. Matthews Priest Father Andrew Harmon said .

Father Harmon is glad that no one was hurt in the fire, but says his biggest concern were all the priceless items lost in the fire.

"The beautiful things of the church, the icons and all the decorations - all that's destroyed," Father Harmon said.

But that's not stopping the praises from going up, as the church works towards rebuilding what the fire took away.

"Everything is in a whirl, but we're looking into everything we can and asking God for guidance and we're asking everyone watching to pray for us as we figure out what we need to do next," Blazek said.

If you're interested in helping the members of St. Matthews Rebuild their home, you can click here. 

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