Browns 'bag heads' travel to Detroit for another disappointing loss

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Browns had a lot of fans believing that they could win against the Detroit Lions, but the game ended in familiar fashion on Sunday and left many embarrassed to be a Cleveland football fan.

A few devoted Browns fans ventured to Detroit for Sunday's disappointing 38-24 loss to the Lions, but pulled out the bags as the team piled on the critical mistakes.

Some fans were feeling optimistic after the Browns started with an early 10-0 lead in the first quarter behind a breakout overall rushing performance from the team and a solid outing from starter DeShone Kizer.

Cleveland slipped into their old ways for the rest of the game with questionable play calling and missed opportunities. The hope for a win vanished quickly.

The Browns are now 0-9 for the season, the only winless team left in the NFL. The team's last win was on Christmas Eve 2016.

The Browns return to Cleveland this Sunday to host the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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