Should schools outfit students with bulletproof backpacks?

Should schools outfit students with bulletproof backpacks?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A private school in Florida is offering bulletproof panels to students that are placed in backpacks for protection.

The insertable bulletproof panels, which are being sold for $120 each by the Florida Christian School in Miami, are being marketed in case of an active shooter situation.

George Gulla, the dean of students and head of school security at the school, told CNN that the panels would add "another level of protection" to students through 12th grade.

Notable mass shooting on school campuses:

The Florida school is not the first to introduce bulletproof equipment to the classroom.

A college in Maryland purchased 200 bulletproof whiteboards for campus classrooms.

There is also an entire industry dedicated to manufacturing bulletproof products such as notebooks, computer briefcases, furniture, and more.

While some of the equipment could potentially save lives, proponents say that the equipment is more of a temporary fix for a larger problem.

"The first and best line of defense is a well-trained staff and student body," school security expert Kenneth Trump told CNN.

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