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Stove Top is selling 'Thanksgiving' pants so you can stuff yourself silly

(CNN) - Thanksgiving just got a little easier for those of us that like to go back for seconds – or thirds.

Stove Top Stuffing designed fashionable unisex pants with an elastic waistband. OK, maybe not fashionable, but definitely stretchy so that you can eat all you want.

Whether your mom or grandma allows you to wear them to dinner after she worked her butt off for a nice family dinner is a whole other issue.

The pants appear to be similar to the ones featured on the 1990s TV show ‘Friends’ when Joey uses Phoebe’s maternity pants to eat a whole turkey.

An image of the stuffing is placed high on the pants and fits right over your belly.

Stove Top says it wants to allow people to "enjoy more of thanksgiving in comfort and style."

The pants may not be that flattering, but Stove Top is selling them for a good cause. The company will donate $10,000 of the proceeds to Feeding America.

The pants cost $20 and are only available while supplies last at

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