What is the best in-store credit card to use for holiday shopping?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's easy to give the standard, "No thank you I'm not interested," when the cashier asks you if you'd like to apply for their in-store credit card, but as WalletHub has reported, you may want to say yes this shopping season.

WalletHub, a personal finances website, looked at thousands of credit cards and released its best of report for 2017.

As usual it's never advisable to charge your entire holiday shopping onto credit cards unless you have a plan to pay them off.

Those bills will come as a shock to some when the wrapping paper dust settles. A WalletHub study says 33 percent of Americans expect to spend at least $500 this year. In that same survey, 5 of 10 people say they are better off financially this year than they were last year.

When it comes to the category "Best Store Credit Cards- Initial Bonus" WalletHub likes the Kohl's and Toys R Us cards.

For the category of the card with the "Best Ongoing Bonus," WalletHub says it's the GAP and Target cards.

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