Akron man hit with 5-year sentence for paralyzing elderly woman in violent crash

A Summit County judge sentenced Deprise Moore to more than five years in prison for a hit-and-run crash that left a woman paralyzed.
"You displayed no humanitarian effort to assist me at the crash scene, nothing, you ran, you ran. what kind of person is this," said crash victim Doshie Gulley, 72, in court Tuesday.
In January, Moore was the driver in a violent collision that left Gulley paralyzed.
Police say he hit her car so hard the hatchback on her Buick Rendezvous came off.
After the crash, he fled.
One week later, he turned himself into police.
He pleaded guilty to vehicular assault, hit-skip and driving under suspension.
Tuesday in court, Gulley's daughter talked about how the crash has affected the family.
Before he was sentenced, Moore apologized to Gulley.
"It was an accident. I did not wake up that morning intending to go crash and hurt an old lady. Anybody who know me, know I would not hurt an old lady. All I can do is apologize and ask you to forgive me," said Moore.
Before sentencing Moore, Judge Breaux talked about the seriousness of his crime.
"Her life now that she's 72 should be the time of her life, her golden years. She doesn't have to work anymore, she can spend time with her family and friends, her loved ones, but no, now she's confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her days," said Judge Breaux.
Gulley's family says justice was served even though she will most likely never walk again.

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