Which stores have the biggest 2017 Black Friday discounts?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The personal fiance website WalletHub.com has studied the ads and put out its list of stores with the largest overall discounts.

The site looked at over 10,000 items being offered by 35 of the biggest retailers to see just how good the deals are on things like appliances, jewelry and toys.

Best Black Friday Retailers (Avg. % Discount)

  1. Kohl's (66.32%)
  2. JCPenney (66.30%)
  3. Belk (62.75%)
  4. Stage (60.82%)
  5. Shopko (55.93%)
  6. Bealls Florida (52.78%)
  7. Sears (50.09%)
  8. Macy's (45.58%)
  9. Fred Meyer (43.88%)
  10. AAFES (37.25%)

On the list are a few stores not in the immediate Cleveland area. Just because these stores don't have a brick and mortar store in the area, many of their same deals will be offered online.

Stage is the parent company of a lot stores like Bealls, Goody's, Palais and Peebles.

Shopko is similar to a Target store.

And AAFES is the military exchange shopping located on military bases around the country.

The site has also broken down which store have the best deals on certain items.

Toys (Avg. % Discount)

  1. Stage (60.74%)
  2. Belk (53.25%)
  3. Shopko (50.88%)

Jewelry (Avg. % Discount)

  1. Kohl's (77.39%)
  2. Shopko (75.56%)
  3. Sears (74%)

Video games (Avg. % Discount)

  1. Wal-Mart (48.75%)
  2. Target (48.17%)
  3. Best Buy (45.87%)

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