Toy test finale: The hottest toys of 2017, kid tested and kid approved

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Every year, it seems there is "that toy" that every kid wants.

Ali Mierzejewski, a Senior Editor for The Toy Insider has these kid-tested suggestions for kids of all ages.

Our young toy testers immediately planted themselves at the Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Home by Jazwares. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $59.99.

"What's great about this is that it features 'Peppa Pig' from the popular TV series. It's got four floors, seven rooms and lots of fun accessories so you can furnish your Peppa Pig house. Plus, it's got really cool lights and sounds, so when your guests come over, you push buttons and different things light up randomly, or sounds are made. It's always a surprise," described Mierzejewski.

Some other kids on your shopping list may like the Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme by Fisher-Price. This toy retails for $99.99.

"This is a two-foot tall Batman. It has fun projectiles that it can shoot. If you hold on to the button on the back, and talk into it, it has a voice changer, so you can sound like Batman," said Mierzejewski.

Have a child who likes to be creative? The Oonies Starter Kit by Moose Toys is on the "hot toy" list this year. The Oonies Starter kit retails for $19.99.

"It is a new kind of craft. So, instead of making typical pet friends, these are going to be little bubbly pet friends. These are going to be little bubbly pet friends. So, you just stick the pellets inside. Inflate the bubbles inside of that all right there, and then they stick together without any water or glue. So, it is mess free," described Mierzejewski.

Lastly, the Hexbug Nano Space Cosmic Command by Hexbug tested well with our toy testers. This playset retails for $49.99.

"So, this is a really cool set that features these tiny little Nano robotic bugs, and they crawl around on their own. They can run through the track on their own. They know to stay on the track. You can also put them inside the rocket or in the car, and it will drive the car, and they can go through all kinds of fun space training," said Mierzejewski.

For more information on the hottest toys of 2017, visit The Toy Insider.


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