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Mother speaks about babysitter caught on camera abusing her child

Brittney Baker (Source: WAFF) Brittney Baker (Source: WAFF)
Rainey Nicole Upton (Source: Madison County Jail) Rainey Nicole Upton (Source: Madison County Jail)
(Source: Brittney Baker) (Source: Brittney Baker)

A nanny featured in a viral video is behind bars on child abuse charges. Rainey Nicole Upton was arrested in Huntsville after a nanny cam showed her aggressively pulling, smacking and grabbing a young child she was caring for in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

The mother of that child spoke to WAFF 48 News, saying she believes this was "evil" of Upton.

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Brittney Baker said Upton was a longtime family friend, but now she feels betrayal and shock. She said she trusted Upton to watch her five kids for years.

Baler said she just happened to watch her home surveillance video, and what she saw made her sick.

"How do you feel when you hand deliver someone your child and they're at home screaming in pain?" Baker said. "I couldn't believe the things I saw on my birthday. As I'm trying to enjoy myself, my son's at home praying I'm coming home soon."

Baker said her biggest worry is not knowing how long this was going on before now. She said she didn't have the camera up to watch Upton because Upton was a trusted family friend. But Baker said that trust is shattered.

"I just kept replaying and rethinking. I was thinking what else has she been done? Thinking the worst. You don't just do that overnight. You don't start behaving that way overnight," Baker said.

This isn't the only time Upton's been in trouble. Baker said Upton's own kids were taken away many years ago. But Baker doesn't want to be judged because she thought she'd changed.

"You have people who say, 'They lost her kid. You should have knew better.' No, there's plenty of people who lost their kids. Doesn't mean they beat them," she said.

Baker said if there are any takeaways, it's that everyone should have a camera at home.

"Now after this has happened, this is very important, especially if you have someone in the house watching your kids," she said.

Baker said the kids seem to be just fine, but to be safe, she plans to take her youngest to get x-rays and make sure there's no lasting damage from the hair-pulling.

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