WARNING: Dog attacked by coyote in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - A warning for pet owners in Lakewood, it's happened again. A coyote attacked a dog.

Twelve-year-old Sandy doesn't move as fast as she used to, but still loves going outside, that may be why a coyote thought she'd be an easy target.

"We were taking out the trash and Sandy followed me into the garage, and I kind of lost track of her. When I realized, where's the dog, I went down the street and I heard her yelping," Dick West, Sandy's owner.

That was Sunday evening.

Dick followed the sound of her yelps, and found her three yards away.

"When I went in, she was back there cowering against the fence, and when I picked her up she was all bloody," West explained.

He rushed her to the vet. She has deep puncture wounds from the bite around her neck.

"They said we are particularly fortunate because it did catch in throat and didn't catch the jugular," West said.

Sandy is just a house guest, West is watching her as his dad recovers. He says he would have felt horrible if something worse would have happened.

"Sandy has been staying with me for two weeks, since my dad fell and broke his hip. I'm on dog watch. I almost did a poor job of that," West said.

Living in Lakewood, West has seen coyotes along the lake.

"We knew they were here, but just didn't think they'd attack my dog," West said.

West is keeping a closer eye on Sandy, and she's getting a little extra attention.

"She's been getting plenty treats, and the other dogs are very interested-that smells good," added West.

Lakewood police caught an alfa male coyote at the end of last winter.

They say in the last couple of months they've also caught a bunch of coyote pups, and a fox. They want pet owners to be extra cautious not to leave your pet alone, even for a few minutes.

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