After FAA fine, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has new plan, equipment for snow

After FAA fine, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has new plan, equipment for snow

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In the past couple of years, the operations at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport have been under the Federal Aviation Administration's microscope.

The airport was fined $200,000 for not having runways cleaned and de-iced in 2015, and for calling in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for the treatment of the employee who blew the whistle on those conditions.

The FAA gave the airport more than $18 million over the past two years for a new equipment, a building and the following:

  • 2016 Grant: six multi-purpose vehicles, five loaders with plows, one spreader truck, and two liquid deicer trucks
  • 2017 Grant: two multi-purpose vehicles, four brooms trucks, four blower trucks, two Potassium Acetate liquid tankers, two spreader trucks, three large plows with dump

A crew of 80 has also been practicing since October and are hoping to be more predictive than reactive when it comes to problems that have shut down runways in the past two winters, said Robert Kennedy, the new director of port control.

"Some of the grants that we received for the equipment and for the snow removal equipment were attributed to the problems of the past and we're very thankful to the FAA," Kennedy explained. "... we received other grants as well."

Today the city introduced Kennedy, the hired gun that's been brought into Cleveland to clean up what's been a messy couple of winters, at a press conference to talk about the Cleveland's winter weather plan.

"Is that why you're here now ... because of the problems?" DeRoos asked.

"There's only one person who can answer that and that's my boss, Mayor Jackson," Kennedy said.

"Better prepared now than you were last year and the year before?" Cleveland 19 Reporter Dan DeRoos asked.

"And we'll be better prepared next month and the month after and so forth," Kennedy replied. "It's a constant improvement process. That's what airports do."

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