Mother still grieving months after son was gunned down

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Veronica Youngblood-White said her biggest nightmare came true when her first son, 27-Year-Old Devon Youngblood was shot four times this past September on East 85th Street and Superior Avenue in Cleveland.

She's looking for justice as the case has turned cold.

"I cry for my son every every morning. Everyday. Every night. Every Hour," Youngblood-White said.

A cycle that's been repeated day after day for Veronica Youngbloood-White after her son was gunned down this past September.

"I miss my son," Youngblood-White said.

Her son was shot and killed in Cleveland as he and his friends held a vigil for Antonyo Howard who was killed at the same spot back in 2013.

She's hoping that someone has answers on who pulled the trigger.

"My hope is that because it was a vigil that there were witnesses and someone saw something," Youngblood-White said.

Now she's having a hard time explaining to her 2-year-old grandson, just what happened to his father.

"I don't want to tell my grandson that someone shot his father and left him on the concrete like an animal dying. I can't tell that little boy that," Youngblood-White said.

She's keeping his memory alive, holding all of her son's final belongings for his son.

Even though she's somehow making it through, she said her son's murder left a void in her heart that can never be filled.

"I love you and I miss you everyday of my life. I'll see you and you continue to be my guardian angel," Youngblood-White said.

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