Futuristic Tesla big rig gets mixed reviews from Lorain County truckers

COLUMBIA STATION, OH (WOIO) - Shiny, sleek and built for speed.

"They say the thing goes from zero to 60 in five seconds," said Great Lakes Truck Driving School General Manager Roger Rollins.

Those aren't the words you typically hear when you're talking about a semi-truck, but, Tesla's latest unveiling is electric, aerodynamic and the car company claims it's more safe for drivers, like Shilah Steiner.

"It's exciting with the ever-changing world. We're always evolving and learning new things and we welcome changes," said Steiner.

Rollins is impressed, but isn't sure the truck is practical at this point.

"I see some real positives, but you have to look at the things around it before you really put this into play big time," he said.

Everything we use gets moved by trucks.

Tesla said the semi can travel 500 miles fully-loaded on one charge, but Rollins believes the battery could cause issues.

"You'd have to have enough fueling stations, or charge stations, and if it takes 30 minutes to charge one up and there's only five stations and there's 50 drivers there it could create major, major problems," he said.

The 18-wheeler also comes with a million-mile guarantee. Rollins said, if it's successful, it could change the face of trucking.

"Technology, time, we'll see where it goes, but it all sounds good at this point," he said.

Whether or not Tesla can actually impact the semi-truck market remains to be seen, but there are already orders from Walmart, and Meijer.

The company says it'll start producing the truck in 2019.

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